Entry #2

What do you got to do to get scouted !!!!

2017-07-16 16:23:43 by PROFA21

I been on here for a month voting and loving other peoples art. This site is very great for artist. I'm not trying to show boat my skills or anything just share my work with others and comunicate about our art work !!! but if your not scouted it never really shows i noticed. I'm sure thousands of artist on this site feel the same way


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2017-07-16 17:06:59

You gotta post a lot of stuff or cool stuff, then hopefully someone who is scouted likes your work, will then scout you. Don't know about this one but if a lot of people recommend you or something, then someone will scout you.

PROFA21 responds:

Thank you sir !!!


2017-08-09 16:06:35

You could make an art thread in the art forum, and get noticed that way too.


2017-09-22 11:57:31

You have to draw regulary and practice on the things you feel your not good at (to me your art looks great). Get your fans involved on what to draw and do some challenges. That's how i got scouted.

PROFA21 responds:

Thank you !!! I been doing challenges and more then 5 works on here with different styles. wait for my next project. it is deep. I just can't believe it takes so long to be noticed on this site


2017-09-22 13:40:29

Yeah it takes a while just keep at it!


2017-10-01 14:31:20

Well at least as far as im concerned you are sitting right on the line of being scouted...

a lot of the issue comes from the fact that the only people who can scout are those who have been scouted themselves... and should someone they scout break the rules or be deemed unworthy of the portal. the person who scouted that person could lose his own scouted status.

if your wondering that is why people are reluctant to scout artists.
however this has the benefit of having a high quality art portal... making it actually mean something when you get in.

what ever you do dont ask to be scouted... that breaks the rules right there and makes potential scouters very hesitant.

just work on improving your art in anyway you can and be patient. it will come.